N. Raisman & Associates has a simple and focused mission:

We help colleges, universities and businesses that work with them increase retention and superior customer service to students and employees and improve the fiscal, operational and morale situation on campus or on-line.

N. Raisman & Associates is the leader in customer service training, workshops, full campus audits and customer service technology solutions. Since 1999, N. Raisman & Associates has been helping over 260 educational institutions and the businesses that wish to work with them increase enrollment, retention and morale through improved customer service to students, faculty, staff and the communities they serve.

The research and solutions provided by N. Raisman & Associates have had major positive effects on colleges such as 12% enrollment increases; retention growth of 10.6%; and ending morale issues that harm enrollment and retention.

Our president, Dr. Neal A. Raisman, is a past college and university president, dean and faculty member so he speaks "academicese" Raisman did the research and field studies at colleges and universities that led to three books invcluding the best selling The Power of Retention and Embrace the Oxymoron: Customer Service in Higher Education which remain the best selling books ever on the topics.   Dr. Raisman is the leader in providing practical research, solutions and training to make colleges and businesses better and more successful. Our work has also increased both the top and bottom lines by improving service, procedures, enrollment and retention.

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