click here to visit the Leadwise website Leadwise™ is a web-based system that instantly develops personalized e-catalogs for potential college students that pre-sell and self-qualify student leads while also providing schools with detailed information on potential enrollment with the aim of shortening the sales cycle and increasing lead-to-enrollment conversion ratios.

How does it work? A college’s catalog is digitized into an intelligent database. Students come to the college's Leadwise™ website and are provided with a simple but definitive questionnaire to complete. The questionnaire is focused on their personal interests, needs and life goals, and what colleges have to offer. Once completed, the system automatically processes the responses and generates a personalized e-catalog based specifically on the student’s indicated interests. Potential students get exactly the information they want. Instantly.

If a student indicates on the questionnaire interests in accounting, business associations, clubs, financial aid assistance, athletics, commuting plans, evening study due to a daytime job, etc., the system generates information from the catalog database that corresponds to those interests and needs along with what the college offers.

All of the information entered by the student is sent to the college’s admissions office so they have complete details on the student, assisting in cutting down the time of the sales cycle. They know everything about the student: major, goals, financial aid, personal interests, any potential issues that could hinder enrollment.

- Click here to visit the Leadwise™ website