N. Raisman & Associates Services:

Customer Service Field Audits - Complete studies of your campus to determine its customer service levels and provide any and all solutions needed to make it better. N. Raisman & Associates studies everything from the first signs a student may see to the exit from the campus and everything in between. Deliverables – detailed oral and written report.

Targeted Audits - of self identified concerns.

Workshops - Interactive presentations on topics as varied as Becoming Cheers University to Telephone Skills, Assessing Customer Service and Leading a Customer Focused College with staff, administrators and/or faculty that lead to immediately applicable solutions. Morale building to increase retention.

Leadwise™ - This award-winning program generates personalized web-based catalogues for strong customer service and enrollment/retention building. Leadwise™ also provides immediate recruitment details on students to increase application to conversion rates while building an integrated SRM database for better enrollment management and marketing. Click here to learn more about Leadwise™.

College Website Evaluations - Analyzes college websites to check their customer service levels as well as their technical and marketing effectiveness. Makes certain your website presents the college properly and successfully. Click here to learn more about CollegeWebEval.com

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